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I wrote yesterday about Virtual PBX and how one of its customers, Genoa Business Forms, is lowering costs and increasing productivity by using the service.

Now, Virtual PBX is working to make cost savings even greater with its latest offering: free conferencing on all its service plans. With Virtual PBX’s audio conferencing service you can launch a conference call at any time—at no extra cost.

“We’re pleased to offer our customers this feature at no cost,” said Greg Brashier, COO of Virtual PBX. “In today’s economy, free services can be a big help and, together with the low cost of our service plans, all our clients get a lot of PBX power for a very low price.”

Here’s what’s cool: When you sign up for Virtual PBX, each extension in the system has its own private conference room that employees can use any time they need. That does away with the annoyance of shared conference lines where calls run over and the next group of meeting attendance interrupts the last group.

With Virtual PBX’s free conference call rooms, you don’t have to log into an online service to book a time to hold your conference call. You don’t have to send out PIN numbers to people you have invited to attend your conference either. However, you can decide to put password protection on your conference if you feel the need to secure the line. You can even monitor the activity of each conference so you can see how many people are on the call, who they are by caller ID, when they called in and if they dropped out.

Even if you only hold conference calls occasionally, being able to host the call can make a good impression on your clients. Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you can have that tool on hand as part of your Virtual PBX account for as little as $10 month.

“Virtual PBX gives my clients that ‘big company feel’ even though all extensions ring to a handful of employees at home in their pajamas!” says Andy Potter, founder of Hand it to Mom. “The conference call bridge further extends the mirage that our company is huge and has an IT department—we even have a conference bridge!”

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