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Top Virtual Office Technology Trends for 2013

If you are a virtual office user, you are no doubt in tune with technology trends that can help keep you productive. Here at Alliance Virtual Offices, we’re keeping our finger on the pulse of virtual office trends for you.

The New Year will see greater adoption of advanced technology to meet changing demands of enterprises while increasing productivity and creating new experiences for customers, according to Verizon’s top business tech trends for 2013.

Verizon predicts the top trend for 2013 will revolve around cloud computing. You may be familiar with the cloud if you store photos, use Gmail, Google Docs or other Internet-based services – all of that is in the cloud!

Another trend Verizon points out is that the mobile majority will take charge. According to Forrester Research, a full 66 percent of employees now use two or more mobile devices for work – and that has far-reaching implications.

Let’s face it, there is less and less separation between your work and private life – and the same is likely true for your customers. In 2013, Verizon says you must accommodate and prioritize this new demand for efficiency and productivity. And that leads us back to the cloud because cloud-based technologies help drive mobile productivity for virtual office users.

Verizon also noted that the “Internet of Things” has arrived, and will continue to grow to meet specific industry requirements. According to a Gartner report, there were more than 15 billion things on the Web with 50 billion-plus intermittent connections in 2011. That will grow by 2020 to over 30 billion connected things, with over 200 billion with intermittent connections.

That means you’ll need storage – probably cloud-based storage – so you can store and quickly retrieve all of the Internet things you collect along the course of doing business, from contracts to photos to videos to various other types of documents.

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