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eVoice Makes Phone Call Recording Simple

EVoice has long positioned its brand as offering a “radically better phone number.” Now, the j2 Global Communications company is positioning its brand as a radically better way to record phone calls.

EVoice just rolled out Call Recording for eVoice. The service targets phone-centric professionals and consumers that need to record and replay business or personal telephone calls. Essentially, the service lets you record, store, and review any call you make from your personal, business or mobile phone—so long as you are using an eVoice virtual phone number.

“Call Recording is yet another reason why small business owners are choosing eVoice as their virtual phone system,” says Mike Pugh, vice president of marketing at j2 Global. “This new feature—along with a toll-free phone number, a professionally recorded greeting, customized menus, and call routing—makes it easier to turn phone calls into satisfied customers and increased sales.”

Here’s how it works: Press *2 on the telephone keypad. That brings up a pre-recorded prompt to let callers know that the phone call is being recorded. Once set in motion, the conversation is captured and saved as an mp3 or .wave file. Users can scroll forward, back and pause when receiving calls by using the eVoice media player. The cost: $5.95 a month with unlimited recordings.

EVoice figures doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, contractors, travel agents, and other professionals that need to record contractual conversations will find the service valuable. The potential for the service includes monitoring customer service calls for quality, confirming telephone orders for accuracy, documenting the details of contract and business discussions conducted over the telephone, and downloading recorded calls to your computer and store alongside related digital documents and files.

I can definitely see plenty of use cases for this service and expect eVoice to knock it out of the park with this add on. In fact, I might even use it myself.

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