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Have You Read the Fine Print in Your Virtual Office Contract?

NEW YORK–There’s fine print in just about every contract these days. And virtual offices aren’t automatically an exception. But at least one virtual office provider is bucking that image with its no-fine-print motto.

Opus Virtual Offices is reporting the results of its first client satisfaction survey. And guess what tops the list of reasons entrepreneurs and business people are choosing Opus? (Listen up, virtual office industry.) You guess it. It’s the no fine print policy. Opus Virtual Offices’ no fine print policy means there are no annoying extras and add-ons to your monthly virtual office fees.

“Opus continues to impress by maintaining its low $99 package for unlimited calls, faxes, call transferring and voicemail,” says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “
“Our regular surveys make sure that our virtual office solution stays at the top of its game, and clients tell us loud and clear that nothing turns them off more than unexpected charges at the end of the month.”

Opus Virtual Offices points to reports from Forbes and Business week that indicate more and more businesses are avoiding the high cost, long-term commitments that come along with traditional office space by tapping into virtual office technologies. At the same time, home-based businesses are also turning to virtual office programs.

All virtual office programs are not created equal. An Opus Virtual Office package comes with a prestigious corporate address and a dedicated phone and fax number, as well as live, professional US receptionists taking calls and messages during business hours. Opus Virtual offices also offers technology that converts voicemail and fax to email that can be accessed by smartphone. It’s a great solution for mobile workers.

And, again, Opus does it without all the fine print. Opus offers all of these services for one price rather than offering a la carte services that can rack up a big bill in a hurry.

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