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Monica Executive Virtual Assistant Wins App of the Year

Just call her Monica. That’s what gSoft Technology Solutions, the app development company that birthed the executive virtual assistant software, named the award-winning productivity app.

Well, award-winning might be too strong a statement. But Entrepreneur magazine did call out Monica as its “App of the Month” for January 2011. That means small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country were introduced to Monica in all her glory.

Entrepreneur magazine says Monica offers an “intriguing voice activated experience for the busy business user.” The executive virtual assistant application delivers content to iPhone users through human interaction voice recognition, voice synthesis and artificial intelligence.

“Monica was designed to increase productivity levels in the mobile user experience,” says Andre’ Hawit, CEO of gSoft. “We are thrilled to have our initial Lite version of the technology be recognized by such a prestigious publication as Entrepreneur. This recognition underscores our conviction of the large potential this application will have on the market and the future of mobile and voice technology.”

Here’s how it works: Monica listens for verbal commands and replies by speaking directly to the mobile user, without requiring the user to look at the screen or engage using a phone’s touch screen or keyboard. It reminds me once again of Siri Virtual Assistant, and it’s one of many of these types of applications that are making their way to smartphones. But Monica does much, much more than Siri currently offers.

Indeed, beyond just answering your questions about restaurants and gas stations, the Monica-Lite version includes e-mail, articles, horoscopes, Facebook and Google Docs. And this is just the beginning. Monica will soon offer the Bible, movie summaries, jokes, stock market, sports, flight status, book reviews and much more content.

This sounds like one to download and try out for yourself.

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