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Genbook Nixes Virtual Receptionists With Online Scheduling, Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO—Need some help scheduling appointments? You may be able to cut the virtual receptionist right out of the mix.

Genbook, an online appointment scheduling solution, just rolled out an analytics feature that allows small businesses to track critical performance data and sales patterns in real-time. Dubbed Genbook Analytics, the feature paves the way for local merchants to better understand their business performance by analyzing the revenue, service and staff data generated by the more than 11 million appointments scheduled on the Genbook platform.

“Online appointment scheduling produces a tremendous amount of very valuable data that can now be organized into useful business intelligence,” says Rody Moore, founder and CEO of Genbook. “This new feature reflects a growing demand from increasingly sophisticated small local businesses who desire timely and useful information on which to base business-critical decisions.”

Accenture SAS Analytics Group, demand for analytics services is expected to increase by as much as 72 percent in 2012 as tech-savvy small business owners seek quantitative insight into how to run their businesses more efficiently and productively. Genbook Analytics helps merchants make key business decisions by identifying sales trends, forecasting future performance and monitoring a series of key data metrics. For example, the data can reveal which services bring in the highest revenue, what time of year is the busiest, and which staff members are generating the most appointments.

By delivering information in real-time, rather than in static reports, Genbook Analytics provides insight and intelligence for small businesses to help optimize their schedules and their staff and service offerings, while increasing their revenues. Appointment data can be sorted through daily, weekly, or monthly views and filtered by revenue or number of appointments, as well as by individual staff members or by services.

“I am now able to see how my business is growing, and from 2010 to 2011, it grew by 254 percent,” says Sirry Berndsen, owner of Spirit Of Light in Brookline, Mass. “I credit Genbook for much of that growth and am so glad I can now see my business’ key figures on one screen.”

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