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Virtual Receptionist Company Named Third Best Place to Work

PORTLAND, OR—Ruby Receptionists. We’ve written about this virtual receptionist service before. It’s pretty innovative and affordable for virtual office users. Apparently, it’s also a great place to work.

Ruby Receptionists just earned the #3 ranking for mid-sized companies in Oregon Business Magazine’s yearly list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the third year in a row. The medium size category includes the top 34 highest-scoring companies with 35 to 99 Oregon employees.

What keeps putting this virtual receptionist provider on the list? It’s all in the core values that under-gird its proprietary technology. Those four core values are: Foster Happiness, Practice WOWism, Create Community and Innovate. With those four values, this virtual receptionist provider aims to provide stellar customer service and a stellar workplace.

“We live our core values with our employees the same way we ask our employees to live them with our clients,” says Jill Nelson, founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists. “This enables us to deliver superior customer service while fostering an empowering, positive and enjoyable workplace for our employees. It’s just a big circle of love over at Ruby.”

Beyond those core values, Oregon Business Magazine cited two key factors in the surveys that led to the virtual receptionist provider’s number three ranking: emphasis on decision-making and trust.

Ruby Receptionists offers comprehensive training and proprietary software to empower its virtual receptionists and staff to deliver exceptional customer service to Ruby clients and callers. One example includes access to company-sponsored gift cards and an Amazon.com account so employees can spontaneously reward clients with small, thoughtful gifts that support Ruby’s “Practice WOWism” core value.

Ruby’s community-driven approach to management and communication also played an important role in employee surveys. Employees also noted the company’s “killer parties” as yet another highlight of working for Ruby. The virtual receptionist company sponsors numerous parties, community service activities and educational programs to foster team-building and camaraderie among its 70 employees.

And, of course, we’ve written about the Five at Five sabbatical program for virtual receptionists. The program offers five weeks of paid sabbatical after five year of employment. Eleven of Ruby’s 70 current employees will become eligible for sabbatical this year.

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  1. Katie Wilson says:

    Thank you! We were really excited to make the list and thrilled to have been in the top three the last two years! Making people’s days is our favorite thing in the world and our employees are no exception. It keeps the love going!

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